Ser Tygor Wyl

Sworn sword to House Teamus, former Dornish hedge knight and son of a deceased lord


Tygor is tall and rail thin, but a layer of tight muscle and sinew cover his bony frame. Though young, his bronzed face is hard, well worn by the sun and winds of his homeland. He has black hair and typically at least a day or two’s growth of beard. His dark eyes are both intense and earnest.


He is the last scion of a noble house of Dorne.

Tygor journeys to King’s Landing in search of his family sword and his father’s murderer, who has stolen it, but Tygor inadvertently falls in love with Lidda—Iris Dannett—an unexpected complication. He also meets up with Lewyn Snow, whom he clacked wooden swords with as a child in the south. He is quickly able to confide in Lewyn of his secrets, partially as a relief to have someone to speak to about his true intentions.

Tygor quickly writes Lidda off, as he sees she only has eyes for Mason Teamus, and instead helps Teamus to track down the Fox Knight, and became Mason’s house champion for the joust.

Tygor is a capable but humble young knight. Although he is in the city seeking vengeance, he is not consumed by it; once he discharges his duty to his father and his house, he will resume his former life. He wants to do what is right, and he would prefer to confront his father’s killer openly, rather than through deceit and betrayal. First, however, Tygor needs to find the murderer, which is why he tells the tale of his family blade, Scorpion, and its loss to people he meets in hopes of eliciting recognition. This technique eventually leads him to Ser Gennady, and Tygor confronts him during the melee at the tourney.

Lewyn soon spotted Tygor’s blade, Scorpion, in the hands of Gennady Shannin, and he quickly lets Tygor know. During the melee, Tygor seeks out Gennady, forces him to yield, then confess his crimes. King Robert rules that Tygor may decide on Shannin’s fate, and after a quick discussion with Lewyn, they decide to send Shannin to the wall.

Tygor has vouched for House Teamus in Joshua Latneau’s accusations, and now has pledged himself to help House Teamus defend themselves against the charges put forth by Joshua’s sister, Iris. After House Teamus was cleared of the charges, he was offered by Lewyn Snow to join them on the journey north, in the hopes of becoming a sworn sword of House Teamus.

Tygor assisted House Teamus in their adventures at Helmcrest, and following, returned to pledge himself as a sword sword of House Teamus. Lord Jolvan, not completely sure what to make of the situation without his son or cousin there, sent Tygor to personally deliver messages from Alix Maple to Kings Landing and Braavos.

Ser Tygor Wyl

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