Aliana Flint

Eldest daughter of House Flint of Flint's Rock


A woman of rare beauty with blue eyes and her light brown hair in a multitude of small tight braids that cascade down around her head. Her breastplate is also a rare beauty that glistens in the light; speaking of both her care for her equipment and the masterwork quality of the piece of armor. The blade of her baseborn sword rises over her right shoulder and its finely crafted hilt is striking in its clarity of purpose. Her calf-leather breeches curve nicely over her rear and cling to her shapely legs. The breeches disappear into the soft leather of her brown knee-high riding boots that fasten on the outside of her strong calves with two straps and buckles on each boot. On her right thigh rests a short-sword of dragon-glass and on her left hip is a long dagger that is sleek and deadly. A knife in the small of her back has a more utilitarian feel to it and sends the clear message that the tools of war she carries are not used for more mundane purposes. It is difficult to determine whether the clean smooth beauty of the flesh of her neck and shoulder or the deadly beauty of her equipment is more appealing.


Sent from House Flint to extract payment for one lost Maester.

Aliana Flint

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